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This isall about what PNAMHI have done so far

Our Goals:

The goals of PNAMHI shall include, but not be limited to:

A. Network and collaborate with Filipino-American nurses in the County of Maui, State of Hawaii, the USA, and globally.

B. Partner with other agencies or entities to develop, implement, and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education, and research relevant to the professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community.

C. Encourage college-bound youth who are of Filipino descent to pursue nursing education.

D. Bring the National Council Licensure Examination review (NCLEX) in Maui for nurses who have not taken their RN board exam.

E. Advance professional and cultural adjustment of Filipino-American Nurses in the County of Maui, through collaboration with agencies and organizations in the State of Hawaii and the Philippines.

F. Participate actively in professional and cultural activities with professional organizations and agencies in the community and globally.

G. Support legislation and public policies, locally or nationally, which direct or indirectly will favorably affect healthcare outcomes and nursing practice.

H. Promote and support the mission and goals of PNAA, Inc.

I. Foster health and wellness among members and the local Filipino-American community.

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